Celeigh Cardinal is a Métis musician from the Peace Country of Alberta. Her contralto voice harkens back to earlier days of blues and the golden era of jazz. Her heartfelt, biographical inspired songs blend soul and emotion.  While performing live, she connects to her audience through themes of sorrow, spirit, and humor. Her recent release Stories from a Downtown Apartment is a hotly anticipated follow up to Cardinals 2017 album Everything and Nothing at All which earned Celeigh Indigenous Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, a nomination for Best Pop Album at the CBC Indigenous Music Awards and eight nominations at the Edmonton Music Awards, with her receiving Female Artist of the Year and Indigenous Recording of the Year. She received the REVEAL Indigenous Arts Award from the Hnatyshyn Foundation in Winnipeg and participated in the (Re)Claim program at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Celeigh has performed across Canada, the United States, and internationally.She is the first Indigenous radio personality on Alberta’s own CKUA, and she’s the first Indigenous member of Edmonton’s Arts Column, the In Crowd. Celeigh Cardinal resides in Edmonton, Alberta and continues to write and perform music with her trio and band.



“Celeigh Cardinal is totally friggin’ metal. Her songwriting is both honest and sublime; it hits me in the head AND the heart. And just wait till she starts to sing. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat, jonesing to hear that voice just one more time. Oh yeah, and she’s kind and hilarious to boot... Gross.” - David Landreth (The Bros. Landreth) 


“I first heard Celeigh Cardinal at Mission Folk Music Festival. I was struck to the heart by the songs in the moment and by the person herself later on. Her performance was stellar. Riveting. Real. A writer of rare depth and honesty and in the voice a powerful beauty. I felt the songs and I felt lucky to bear witness. A true light.”- David Francey 


"In a whole summer full of playing festivals, Celeigh stood out to me because of her strong and beautifully textured voice, her supernatural ability to harmonize and memorize new lyrics in one pass during workshops, and not least of all because of her bright and uplifting personality. She's both the stars and the moon - shining her own light and reflecting that of those around her."- Matt Epp 


"Celeigh Cardinal's voice brings to mind the deep soul singers of old. She has so much nuance, spirit and tone invested in every note- from sweet and gentle bedtime-folk-melodies to knock-down-drag-out-leave-your-lover wails. Her songs range from ballads and thoughtful reflections on life to road-tripping good-time songs.  Her band and her trio are always first-class players who add lots of great instrumentals and harmonies. I first encountered Celeigh on a Facebook live post and was immediately enchanted. I look forward to more people in the world discovering the pure joy that is a Celeigh Cardinal show." - Leela Gilday  



Stories from a Downtown Apartment (2019): 8 songs, self-released

Everything and Nothing at All (2017): Nine songs, self-released 

An EP (2011): Five songs, self-released 



Awards, Nominations, and Prizes 

Award Recipient, Indigenous Artist of the Year, Western Canadian Music Awards (2018) 
Award Recipient, Female Artist of the Year, Edmonton Music Awards (2018)                     

Award Recipient, Indigenous Recording of the Year, Edmonton Music Awards(2018)          

Eight nominations, Edmonton Music Awards (2018)                                                                   

Best Pop Album nomination, Indigenous Music Awards (2018)  
Prize recipient, Hnatyshyn Foundation REVEAL Indigenous Art Awards (2017) 
Prize recipient, ATB Financial’s ATB Listens Award (2016) 
Award recipient, Spirit Seekers’ Aboriginal Youth Role Model Awards (2010)